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Erik Gauger

Notes from the Road is Erik Gauger's personal project in experimental travel writing.

"By road, by kayak, by seaplane and most of all on foot, I try to tackle the themes of city and country in the modern world. Travel writing sometimes gets a bad rap, because of 'The azure sea was undulating and the hotel was fabulous.' But travel writing can be funny, powerful and personal. Every non-fiction writer has that capacity to exaggerate; his experiences happen far away from the reader. But travel writing implies honesty and research. And that's why Notes from the Road is my project in the unvarnished, messy truth of travel, told by a regular guy." — Erik Gauger


Note: I started reading Erik's notes many years ago and we have been corresponding ever since. He has become a mentor of mine in photography and website design. This is by far my favorite photography and website in all aspects. Erik has taken time to contact me over the years and I am honored to consider him an associate in many ways.


Linger's Guide Service and Fishing Llodge

I just finished designing and publishing Jim Brentlinger's website and I consider it one of my best. Jim and I have been the best of friends since we first met at SEMO State College by in 1965. Since then the college has grown into SEMO State University and our friendship has grown just as big. If you want the best fly fishing guide in the United States to show you how and where to fish on the White River in Norfork, Arkansas, look no further. Linger is the BEST!

North Coast Sport Fishing

Captain Randy Road ask me to update and redesign his website a couple of years ago and we have become friends since and I love working on his website. He and his lovely partner Dawn, own and operate one of the most elegant accommodations in the Dominican Republic. Capt. Randy is one of the most experienced deep sea fishing guides in the Rio San Juan of the Dominican Republic. With guest from around the world, they travel to have a truly exotic and most modern fishing experiences of today.

The Rights of Seamen


One of the most important provisions of this law is to maintain the rights of seamen on duty and to protect them in the case of injury while working. The Act mandates that seamen must be provided with adequate and reasonable food, shelter, and medical care while working aboard a maritime vessel. Employers are also expected to provide care for seamen injured on the job, whether from negligence or unseaworthiness. If that is not provided the seaman has the right, according to the Jones Act, to file a claim for damages.


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